(ENG) How to pick shapewear to your fall bucket list…

Using shapewear has long been synonymous with torture, but it can be a good option for you to look very charming while wearing your clothes with class and elegance.

How to choose the shapewear:

As there are several body shaper models, you can choose the one that best suits your body and the clothes you wear most often. There are models only for the abdomen, body, shorts and dresses. Each has a different effect.


Before choosing a strap you need to know your size. Don’t fall for the idea that a smaller size will make you thinner. Choose your exact size so the compression will be just right for you.

The choice of color is also significant, because some fabrics can be transparent, leaving your belt in evidence. Choose a color that doesn’t show on your clothes, nude colors go well with all colors and prints.

Link to the product : HERE  https://www.sculptshe.com/collections/shapewear/products/sculptshe-long-sleeve-bodysuit

The choice of shapewears can also affect your look, after all each shapewear was thinking about highlighting or disguising a part of the body, using a model for another type of clothing can cause the unwanted effect, leaving lines and folds. Once again, the fabric of the clothes is very important when it comes to disguising the use of the shapewears.

Thinking about this new autumn season, we have separated some shapewears that you can include in your wish list:


Sometimes we can get a bigger belly, a little fat that bothers here or there or we want a more harmonic effect on the look, these are some reasons to use a shapewear.

You can use it for special events and even for work places, just be careful with the time of use, it is not recommended to use it for long hours.

And you must be wondering where to find this wonderful product, I present to you the Sculptshe store. Stay tuned in the store, because soon we will have the black friday shapewear.

To help you choose and care for your shaping belt, I’ve chosen 4 mistakes you shouldn’t make.

Not purchasing quality products

The famous „cheap that came out expensive”!!! Investing in surgery and saving on a girdle is not a smart choice. Look for a quality product so that the compressive strength plays its benefits.

Do not use the brace for the period recommended by the physical therapist and plastic surgeon

The time of use is determined according to the surgery and the healing process. Early withdrawal can compromise the final result and prolonged use can generate loss of strength in the abdominal and lumbosacral muscles. Respect the time suggested by the physical therapist and plastic surgeon.

Not making adjustments as swelling is gone

Adjusting the belt is essential for it to perform its role of compressing the entire surgical extension. Failure to adjust may result in prolonged recovery, continued swelling, and increased fibrosis formation.

Use powdered soap to wash the product

Using washing powder can result in allergies. Patients should opt for liquid and neutral soap.

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